Relium Media and Transmedia

Print isn’t dead. It just needs some holistic medicine. Not literally, but what if young adult fiction came along with movies and comic books (available in print and digital formats)? It’s called transmedia, treating the storytelling business with multiple platforms and multiple opportunities to attract an audience. Relium Media’s current project, Angel Punk, will tell the story of an orphaned teen caught in a supernatural struggle by means of a novel, feature film, comic book, and an interactive fan site. They released the first installments of the Angel Punk comic book (Volumes 0 ,½, and 1) and filmed a movie teaser in 2011. Movie production is on track to begin this fall with an expected release by 2014. Says producer Jake Rossman, “We could easily rush into making the film at a low budget level, but in order to create a visually stunning film, as well as attract a broad audience, we have to be really careful in the planning and fundraising stage. There are a lot more baby steps than we originally anticipated, but it is coming together nicely.”

In advance of the novel, Relium Media has released a short story set in Portland on their website. “Stumptown Angel” is a dark tale of reluctant rescue with Mara, the angel-descended teenager.

Relium Media will discuss transmedia at Ooligan Press’s Write to Publish: Step Into Genre, a writing conference in Portland, Oregon, focused on publishing strategies and industry networking, on Saturday, April 28th. From Relium’s panel description:

Transmedia storytelling refers to the delivery of story through a variety of media. These forms can include film, graphic novels, traditional books, flash fiction, games, mobile content & apps, alternate or augmented reality games and various forms of audio. Typically, story lines are interwoven and connected but not strictly repetitive. Often, fan engagement and participation in the creative process are facilitated by social media. J.K. Rowling’s new venture, Pottermore, is an excellent example that promises to extend and enhance the experience of the Harry Potter series. Increasingly, all media forms – books, movies, games and TV shows – are looking for transmedia opportunities

Amber Keyser, the novelist for Angel Punk, is one of 17 featured authors. A full day pass to Write to Publish is $80, or individual panels are $25 each. Tickets can be purchased from the Portland State University box office or through Ticketmaster. Writers have the opportunity to win a full day pass or tickets to the authors’ stage through Ooligan’s flash fiction contest (<500 words). The contest deadline is April 15th.

The following day, April 29, Relium Media presents at the Stumptown Comics Fest.

CONTRIBUTOR: Lauren Hudgins is the editor of Describe the Ruckus, a blog on Portland events and culture, and a PSU creative writing MFA student.