The 2014 Portland Geek Olympathon


Saturday, June 21st, 2014


The Geek Olympathon is returns! Assemble your own super team of geek knowledge and skill, and engage in a day-long contest of epic proportions, culminating in a fantastic geek party and Award-a-Thon! 


How It Works:

After registering your team with the PayPal link below, your team should consider its costuming and strategy for competing in the 5 hour long contest window. There will be almost 30 individual contests hosted at locations all around Portland! After Opening Ceremonies at Guardian Games at 11am on the 21st, teams will be released to go forth and conquer as many contests as they can before gathering at the Awards Ceremony at 5pm for materials turn in and scoring. Contests themselves range anywhere from video game performance, to comic book trivia, to song performance, to zombie slaying! Your team should be selected based on covering as many geek bases as possible! As we near the date of the Olympathon, descriptions of the actual contests will be released. For now, here is last year’s contestant’s guide to give you an idea of what you might expect. Once again that link is just an example.


Here’s a partial list of what the top three scoring teams may be able to walk away with!

FIVE 4-Day passes to PAX Prime in Seattle
$500.00 CASH
FOUR 4-Day passes to Rose City Comic Con 2014
TWO 3-Day passes to Emerald City Comic Con 2015
FIVE sets of Liar’s Dice from PDXYAR!
FOUR $25 Gift Certificates to Ground Kontrol
FIVE Unique Handcrafted Masks from the Alter Egos Society
THREE $90 Gift Certificates to Caveman Medicine
TONS of comics and books from Oni Press
FIVE $20 Gift Cards to Sock Dreams
FIVE passes to Portland Cthulucon 2015
FIVE passes to Zompire: the Undead Film Festival
THREE gift certificates to nom*ables
FIVE season subscriptions to the Pulp Stage
TWO makeup kits from Geek Chic Cosmetics
ONE night stay at the Jupiter Hotel


We are sad to say that the enthusiasm for this year’s Olympathon has exceeded the capacity of our venue and physical materials! THANKS PORTLAND!


2014 Contestant’s Guide now released! Click HERE to view and begin strategizing!

Also, KIXEYE would like you to have a head start on their TOME contest. From KIXEYE:

Tome Create a Guardian

For this event we ask that you create a character for KIXEYE’s Tome Immortal Arena, a new MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) releasing soon. This requires creativity, ingenuity, balance, and research.

Unlike other Geek  Olympathon events we recommend you sit down with your team and complete this before the event starts. We will be judging entries all day and will only take one submission from each team.

To submit your guardian please go here:

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