Rose City Steampunks take on Portlandia

rose-city-steampunksPortland Geek Council members, the Rose City Steampunks, recently filmed a segment for Portlandia, and their episode premieres this week! The Steampunks took part in a full 8-hour shoot day to film their sketch, and came away with plenty of positive things to say about their experience working with the production team.

From their recent blog:

Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen were hilarious in their roles as Captain D.D. Cumulus and Lady Opal Nightstream. I cannot say enough nice things about the director, the crew, production people and actors we worked with. We were even invited to lunch with them. It was exciting to see Hollywood at work. Co-creator, writer and director, Jonathan Krisel (btw his note book computer even has a bird stenciled on it), Carrie, and Fred used input from us, plus improvisation to flesh out the skit. It was a genuinely creative, fun, playful and satisfying experience. Everyone who participated seemed to have a great time.

The Portlandia TV show explores the somewhat quirky and even ridiculous side of the  mythical Portlandia we all love in Portland, Oregon. Complete with the weirdly dressed sub groups, like our beloved Steampunks, our endearing regional eccentricities, including our fervent recycling, our niche bookstores and specialty artisan shops, our obsession with brunch and our irrepressible DIY art. But as truly brilliant satire, it always seems spot-on in the roasting of our antics, and feels pretty well rooted in truth, because it is! This show does its homework.

The Rose City Steampunks also made sure to have their best Northwest-made geek finery on hand, including goggles by SteamBaby, and an impressive silver hand-held cannon created by Anthony Hicks of Tin Plate Studios

For the full story of their appearance, take a look at the blog post from Rose City Steampunks founder, Lorien Stormfeather Fletcher. And be sure to tune in this Friday, when the episode airs!

Portlandia Season 3, Episode 8Soft Opening S03
February 8, 2013 on IFC
10:00pm Pacific

Synopsis: Peter and Nance practice hosting friends at the soft opening of their bed and breakfast; a magazine features a local furniture maker in their Man Issue; steampunks attend a convention; Fred takes a love interest on a bold third date.

CONTRIBUTOR: Sarah Giffrow is the owner of Sarah Giffrow Creative, offering design, photography, and web site geekery for Portland small businesses. She also plays roller derby, knows kung fu, and has quite possibly been to more Star Trek conventions than you. 

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